I read a lot, but somehow in the past few years reading books had been replaced by doom-scrolling social media and relentlessly reading anxiety-inducing news articles. I’m trying to change that.

Dark Age (Red Rising, Book 5)
by Pierce Brown

Started Jan 15, 2020
Finished Feb 3, 2020

Iron Gold (Red Rising, Book 4)
by Pierce Brown

Started Dec 1, 2019
Finished Jan 15, 2020

Making Things Right: The Simple Philosophy of a Working Life
by Ole Thorstensen

Started May 20, 2019
Finished Jun 10, 2019

Cabaret of Monsters: A Creature Court Novella (Creature Court Trilogy 0.5)
by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Started Apr 19, 2019
Finished Apr 22, 2019

Morning Star (Red Rising, Book 3)
by Pierce Brown

Started Jan 18, 2019
Finished Feb 8, 2019